What is Morgi?

Morgi is a comprehensive platform devoted to doing good, matching people on the start of their path with people who have reached a stage in life where they can give back.

On Morgi, there are two types of users:

1. Rookies who are trying to make their mark in the world and need some help to get there. 2. Leaders who have reached a place in their life where they can give back and help others.

On this platform, Leaders can support Rookies with MOnthly Recurring GIfts of cash, mentorship, advice or simply a listening ear – whatever they feel comfortable with.

Although Morgi means different things for Leaders and Rookies, the universal values of mutual growth mean that this is a community where anyone can fulfill their needs and be rewarded in a meaningful way that was never available before.

In a world full of opportunism and cynicism, we created an innovative system devoted to doing good, based on the values of giving and receiving. We recognize that the gift of giving is a reward in itself, and that receiving a gift can empower a sense of commitment, which is central to the philosophy of Morgi.