Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world's largest comprehensive platform, devoted to doing good, and provide a channel where individuals can give back directly for those who need it. Our platform addresses the universal issues faced by most young Rookies at the start of their path, that are lacking in mentorship and monetary support, and cannot afford to focus on their desired careers.

We inspire experienced Leaders from around the world that have reached a stage where they have both the finances and the seniority, to give back to millions of young Rookies with MOnthly Recurring Gifts (Morgis), mentorship and advice at this critical time in their lifecycles.

In a world full of opportunism and cynicism, we created an innovative platform, based on the values of giving and receiving. We recognize that the gift of giving is a reward in itself, and that receiving can empower the next generation to succeed in their paths, which is central to Morgi’s mission.