A word from our President

It's not every day that one gets to see a system like Morgi go trom vision to reality Especially because so rarely do one comes up with ideas that are so necessary and right.

Morgi allows the voluntary and democratic movement of resources from one person to the next, so that those who have a bit more can give to people who have less. Financial aid, mentoring emotional support, life-experience - it all has a place and it's all welcome. This is an important, and righteous endeavor that can add a lot of happiness to the world, for both the giver and the receiver. We all know what it’s its like to be young, just starting out, and needing help. We all know how much sadness and obstacles can be avoided when you receive that help.

As an internet entrepreneur who built dozens of systems that make billions of dollars over the last 25 years, as an artist and gallery owner, as a humanist, I believe there can be no system more important than Morgi. The monetary aid, mental support and life-experience found here can make so many people a little bit smarter, a bit more optimistic, a bit happier, and shorten the road to those making their first steps, so that they might reach their goals sooner and begin contributing from their skills to mankind.

I encourage everyone to make genuine and respectful interactions, the type that will enable growth and empower its participants, both rookies and leaders.

I thank you for being here and implore you to do good, and a lot of it.