What is Morgi?

Morgi is a free platform designed with altruistic thought, where young people at the start of their path can connect with others who have more experience and can support them.

On Morgi, there are two types of users:

1. Rookies who are trying to make their way in the world and lack the resources to thrive. 2. Morgi Friends who have their own work and life experience that can support these Rookies.

Morgi Friends can support Rookies in any way they choose by initiating connections and opening chat channels, where they can listen and talk to Rookies, share thoughts and advice, and even offer mentorship or networking. We believe everyone has something to offer!

Morgi Friends may also decide to further support Rookies’ way to success by gifting them with Morgis – MOnthly Recurring GIfts of cash.

It is our hope in Morgi that genuine, meaningful, and fruitful connections will be created, and that everyone will enjoy the best possible experience!