As a Leader in Morgi, you’re the one who makes the decision about who you’re going to open a connection with. Morgi provides you with a stage to mentor, guide, gift, and guide a Rookie you feel like you can develop a meaningful connection with.

With Morgi, you have the power to make a difference! Use it to impact someone’s life for the better.

Morgi revolves around the idea of gifting before talking. The Morgi Bond determines that this is the best way to facilitate a meaningful connection, making both sides feel obliged to grow. So, the first and overall gift is a modest gesture by you, a gift of Morgis.

Then, after a chat channel opens, you will continue the gifting spirit, with more gifts of mentorship, advice, and support – and when you want to help more, you can always increase your current gift, decrease it, or cancel it if you don’t feel a good connection. You can also gift Micro Morgis in the chat channel to show appreciation for your Rookies!

As a Leader in Morgi, Rookies will look up to you. These are young people, eager to learn from your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. As you are the one that determines whether a connection will be opened or not, the power is in your hands.

Morgi expects you to use this power to make sure the other side grows and develops alongside you. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason during a discussion, you can always cancel your gift at any time or report any messages. A Rookie, on the other hand, has the ability to block you at any time. It’s your job to ensure everybody feels safe!

No! Rookies are committed to only one thing – and that’s focusing on their path. This is their role, and they are here in order to fulfill it and grow. There are no strings attached to anything in Morgi, and we are only interested in developing genuine, honest, and fulfilling connections.

We do expect Rookies to be honest, collaborative, feel obliged, and show they’re serious about their path. This will guarantee a genuine interaction with you as a Leader. We hope that this genuine connection will help nurture your inner light, as someone who wants to give back.

As a Leader in Morgi, the power is in your hands. You are the one that is gifting, you are the one in the bigger position – and you are expected to LEAD the way for you both to grow together. As a gifting Leader, surely you understand the amazing feeling one gets after receiving a gift.

If you wish to cancel your gift and end a connection for any reason, you can click on the Rookie’s profile and follow the instructions from there. After canceling your gift, Morgi will not charge you for this on the next expected gift date. Please note that even if you’ve canceled a gift, your connection with that Rookie will only end on the next expected gift date.

During that time, the chat channel will remain open between you both to continue the connection. You will be able to change your decision at any time and continue gifting that Rookie if you feel like it. No Rookie will ever be informed you canceled a gift and then continued - that is unless the next date has passed, and their gift hasn’t been renewed.

Please note that the Rookie has an option to block you at any time if they feel uncomfortable in a chat channel with you. Whenever a Rookie decides to block you, your last Morgi gift to them will be fully refunded to you immediately.

People who have reached a stage in life where they now want to give back to the community – and want to support the young generation on their way to becoming great on their chosen path.

Rookies are people who are just starting out on their path, trying to make their mark on this world – people that have had enough of their lack of ability to pursue their own path in life and be able to focus on it. You can gift these Rookies in Morgi… and create a true impact on their lives!

An active Rookie is a Rookie you are currently gifting and will continue to gift them in the next month as well. A chat channel will always be open between you both.

An inactive Rookie is a Rookie you chose to stop gifting and the next expected gift date has passed, so your last MOnthrly Recurring GIft to them is not “active” anymore. These Rookies can always write something to you… But you won’t be able to write back until you resume gifting them😊

A path is a Rookie’s main target in life right now. The Rookie’s path will always be displayed as you swipe through each Rookie profile. You can filter paths to see Rookies that are potentially a better fit for you. The sub-path is a Rookie’s main path focus, i.e., if their main path is Athlete, their sub-path could be a basketball player, tennis player, football player, etc.

Morgis are the main currency in Morgi. Morgi stands for MOnthly Recurring GIft, our virtual currency that you can gift a Rookie first, before opening a chat channel with them. The only way you can open a chat channel with a Rookie is by providing them with a monthly gift of Morgis.

Micro-Morgis (a nickel of a Morgi) are our secondary virtual currency that you can choose to gift a Rookie with during a discussion in the chat channel. After gifting a Rookie first with Morgis and opening a chat channel with them, you will be able to show your appreciation by gifting them smaller, one-off gifts of Micro-Morgis.

Once you decide to start a discussion with a Rookie, you must first gift them with a MOnthly Recurring GIft of a minimum of 10 Morgis a month for however long you want to gift. Once gifted, a chat channel will open up between you both, where you can send texts, photos, videos, and gift Micro-Morgis.

The Morgi Bond is the concept behind opening a chat channel through a small gesture of gifting. The act of gifting first creates a higher value connection and a sense of trust and openness between people. The Morgi Bond is based on Morgi’s research-based experience, determining that every bond that starts with a gift will have the most fulfilling impact on both the Rookies and the Leaders’ journeys.

The Morgi Pulse is an animation that gradually fills in the “M” of the Morgi logo on the header in Morgi. Every time a gift is sent in Morgi, the M will be filled a little bit… When the M is 100% filled, the logo will explode!

Rookies that you have previously liked and want to see again, maybe later! These Rookies are saved for you to access, see – and perhaps gift, at any point! You can access your saved Rookie profiles from your main-menu.

As soon as you have 2 active connections in Morgi, you will be able to swipe right to go back and view all the Rookies you already swiped through and are now willing to gift!

A ticket you’ll receive if a Rookie hasn’t replied to you within 3 days after your first gift to them. You can use this coupon to gift another Rookie of your choice for the first time, instead.

Your way to invite Leaders that are an amazing fit, just like yourself for Morgi, the #1 doing good system in the world! Use it to broaden and expand our amazing system.

You have the option to browse for Rookies via country, by accessing this feature from the main-menu. After applying your filter, only Rookies from that country will be displayed in your carousel. Please note: there is no limit on the number of Rookies you can view, from any country you scroll through.

Gifting is a reward in itself, right? We know that, too! To ensure you feel appreciated and understand the amazing position you’re at right now, Morgi will reward you with Micro Morgis that you can use to gift Rookies with for every 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 10th connection that you open in Morgi!

Read what other Leaders had to say about why giving makes them happy, and write your own quote about the impact giving can create on your own life, too!

Whether a Rookie’s profile interests you at first sight or you want to learn more about them, you can always find out more in the Rookie’s self-description, view more photos, or watch their video. You can also share their profile by viewing their profile page. When you click a Rookie’s card, you will be able to view all of the information about them – to help you decide if they are the right Rookie for you to mentor!

Feel like you want to explore Rookies from other paths, too? Feel free to use the filtering option under the main Rookie card. When you click the path’s name, this path will be the path you’re filtering through – and when clicking the filter icon on the right, you can choose which path you want to filter the carousel by.

When you filter by a certain path, you can see up to 30 Rookies in the same path. If that path features a Rookie that you have gifted at any point, you will be able to see an unlimited amount of Rookies in the same path, and filter by sub-paths, too!

When swiping through potential Rookies you want to create a meaningful connection with, you can always choose to save a Rookie’s profile to view later (if you can’t decide if you want to gift them at that moment)... Save every Rookie you feel like you could develop a meaningful connection with… you can never know if you’ll see them ever again!

If a Rookie hasn’t responded to your first gift within 3 days, you will be granted a coupon in exchange for your gift. Whenever you go on to gift another Rookie instead, your coupon will appear next to the amount of Morgis you are credited with for this coupon.

Just choose your preferred gift amount, click ‘gift now’, and Morgi will automatically open the connection between you and the Rookie in exchange for this coupon, without charging your credit card.

Every coupon transaction can be processed for the first gift of Morgis only, and the next recurring gift of a connection that was opened with a coupon will be charged using your active credit card.

You can view your coupons balance under ‘My Micro Morgis and coupons’ page in your main menu. Your coupon balance will only be shown if you’ve ever received a coupon. By clicking on the coupon balance button, a popup of your coupon transaction history will be displayed, where you can see all the coupons that have ever been granted to you and their continuation.

You can view the next expected gift for a Rookie by clicking your active monthly gift page in the main menu, under ‘payments’. Under each active Rookie, you will be able to find the next expected gift date.

Yes, you are. Leaders are able to increase, decrease, cancel or change their gifts at any time. You are able to edit or cancel your gift, too, by clicking a Rookie’s profile and following the buttons and links that will be presented to you there.

If you decide to cancel a gift to a Rookie, Morgi will not charge you for the next expected gift amount to the Rookie. Before your next gifting date, the chat channel will remain open between you and the Rookie to give you the opportunity to continue the connection.

Rookies will only know if you’ve edited/canceled your gifts to them when the next expected gift date has passed. Morgi will not notify the Rookies immediately after you make a decision about their gift amount. It’s up to you to share that with a Rookie, who will appreciate it, for sure!

In Morgi, we set limitations for the amount that you can gift in the system as a Leader. These limitations are in place for Morgis and Micro Morgis separately, and it relates to the amount you are willing to gift over the course of time. If you have any more questions, or if you would like to increase your gifting limitations, please contact customer support.

Morgi will charge your next gift to a Rookie on the same date every month from your payment date, e.g., if this is 02/15/2022, your next gift will be charged on 03/15/2022 for that Rookie. When you gift a Rookie at the end of the month, the following will happen:

1. If the charge was processed on the 31st of the month, you will be billed on the last day of each month (28th/29th/30th/31st)

2. If the charge was processed on the 30th of the month, you will be billed on the 30th of each month except February 28th/29th according to the year.

3. If the charge was processed on February 29th, you will be billed on the 29th of each month except for February where you will be charged on the 28th and on the 29th every four years.

The main credit card is the most recent, updated credit card in the system, that will be used for all future first gifts and Micro Morgis packages you’ll gift in Morgi. Your main credit card won’t necessarily be applied to all of your connections in Morgi, as each connection will be charged according to the card you updated as your main credit card at the time of the first gift of each connection.

You can only have one main credit card in Morgi - a card that will be used for all of your future first Morgi gifts and Micro Morgi packages charges.

You can update/change your main credit card under the ‘payments’ section in the menu. When choosing to update/change your main credit card, all future charges of first Morgi gifts and Micro Morgi packages will be charged with your new, updated credit card.

If you already have connections open in Morgi, you will be able to choose which connections you wish to update, using the new credit card, and which connections you wish to continue, using the old card.

If your credit card fails for a recurring charge, Morgi will try to charge it a few more times over the course of the next 24 hours. If no charges have been successful, Morgi will have to cancel the connection and revoke the chat channel between you and the Rookie.

You will then have the option to update your credit card with a valid credit card and choose to apply it to other connections for their future recurring charges.

There could be a situation where you might have open connections with your old credit cards after you’ve updated your main credit card in Morgi. These connections belong to Rookies who are important for you, that you once chose to gift them with a MOnthly Recurring GIft. It’s your choice whether you want to apply your new credit card for these connections, or to leave them with your one.

You can use the ‘Apply main credit card to all connections’ under ‘payments’ in the main-menu.

From there, you will be able to choose any connections that your main credit card has not been updated for and to update it for them.

CCbill is Morgi’s processing service – a very secure and respected company for processing credit cards. Every transaction processed in our system will be charged using CCbill, and each time you or Morgi charges your credit card, you will receive an email from CCbill which will be mirrored in your transaction history page in Morgi.

You will be able to see 3 different types of transactions:

1. MOnthly Recurring GIft to [Rookie’s name]. That type of transaction will be displayed after you’re charged for a gift sent to a Rookie.

2. Purchase of X Micro Morgis package. That type of transaction will be displayed after you’re charged for purchasing a Micro Morgis package.

3. System refund. This transaction will be displayed if Morgi has decided to refund you for a certain transaction. You will see the transaction number that you were refunded for, and the reason for your refund in the information icon on the right of this transaction.

Under the ‘My Micro Morgis’ menu item, you can see your current Micro Morgi balance, and all your transactions with regard to Micro Morgis –Micro Morgi packages purchased, Micro Morgis gifted to Rookies, and bonuses received for Micro Morgi refunds, provided by our team.

If a Rookie hasn’t responded for 3 days after you gifted them for the first time, you’ll receive a coupon in exchange for your gift to them. If this situation occurs, for that first gift transaction, a row mentioning: “transaction is exchanged for coupon” will be added.

You can edit your profile from the Navigation Menu, by selecting 'Edit Your Profile' under the ‘Account’ tab.

You can change your password from the main menu, by selecting ‘Change your password’ under the ‘Account’ tab.

You can delete your account in the side menu, by clicking on account, delete account. Please note that deleting this account cannot be undone. Please note that once you delete your account, all the connections that you’ve been gifting with Morgis will be deleted, and any coupons and Micro Morgis in your balance will be gone, forever.

You can switch the Morgi Pulse animation on or off at any time. If you turn off the Morgi Pulse the animation will stop playing.

Active Rookies are Rookies that you are currently gifting, and inactive Rookies are Rookies that you have gifted before but have now stopped gifting. Active Rookies are Rookies that you can always talk to in an open chat channel. Inactive Rookies are Rookies you will see in the message center, but only they can message you. You will only be able to talk to them again if you renew your gift to them.

Inactive Rookies can message you whenever they want… sometimes, they feel like you are a great miss for them and they wish to have you back as their Leader. If you wish to write back, you will have to gift them in order to open a chat channel with them.

Aside from text messages, you can also send your Rookies photos and videos.

You can report messages by touching and holding a message for 2 seconds. You will then be able to see a report button, and you can click it to report a message.

It's very important to maintain a good code of conduct when talking to your Rookies in Morgi, in order to maintain higher-quality connections. You should ensure you act respectfully to each Rookie. By being genuine, honest, and kind, you can make sure you’re laying the foundation for higher-quality connections.

That being said, remember that you should only do what feels right for you. There are no strings attached to anything and a Rookie can block you at any time. It’s a good idea to remember that asking the Rookie to contact you outside Morgi or asking them to send physical or explicit things is a clear violation of our policies. Your advice and guidance are appreciated as much as your gifts are. Morgi is interested in nurturing high-quality genuine connections – make sure that you’re fulfilling your part.

The short answer is, no. Morgi is a web-app, and this is why, at this moment, you are not able to receive any push notifications from Morgi.

That being said, if you have unread messages for over 24 hours, Morgi will aggregate them and send them to you in order to keep you in the know.

Every time we try (and succeed or fail) to charge your credit card, an email from CCbill will be sent to you to let you know when the transaction has been processed or failed. CCbill is Morgi’s highly valued and secured processor, that we use to charge your credit card in the system.

You can reach out to the Morgi customer support team directly through the main menu, by clicking ‘Customer Support’, or by sending an email directly to ‘support@morgi.org’.